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4 Programs, 1 Vision

4 Programs, 1 Vision

Using a self-determination model, it is our mission to enrich the lives of our clients. We use surf, skate and evidence-based fitness programming as tools to promote self-determination and whole-person development. It is through the application of safe, effective, and researched methods that we are able to adapt to meet the needs and goals of our clients. Our individualized programming gives clients a powerful opportunity to improve their physical fitness and motor skill development within a broader perspective of social and emotional well-being.

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Our Approach

Across each of our programs, we use visual learning, communication and prompting strategies to help our clients improve physical fitness, motor skills, confidence, and quality of life.

Our Programs

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Gross Motor Fitnesskeyboard_arrow_down
Gross Motor Fitnessclose

Our evidence-based core strengthening exercises will help you imporove fundamental motor skills. Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, dual tasking and overall motor performance plays such a critical role in everyday living. It is well understood that gross motor coordination and movement proficiency has a major impact on executive function and cognitive development. Each client is assessed using The Gross Motor Development Scale-3 (TGMD-3), and curriculum is designed to meet their specific needs and goals. Our unique, challenging and fun program will help you improve your sport performance and readiness for a physically active lifestyle!

• Includes a 60 minute evaluation of core stability, balance & spatial awareness and posture.

• Curriculum: Designed based on assessment and includes training of the major gross motor milestones specific to age-group

• Location: Clover Park in Santa Monica

• Sessions: 45-60 minutes


The ocean is a natural environment rich with stimulation; one that brings us to the threshold of our imagination. Surfing is a unique platform that allows us to interact with the ocean in a way that fosters patience, trust, resilience, and mental strength. Sign up for our Surf Ninja program to start your journey and improve your movement both in and out of the water!

• Includes a 60 minute evaluation of functional movement & surf readiness

• Curriculum: Designed based on assessment

• We teach for independence in the water

• Location: Malibu and Ventura

Sessions are 60-90 minutes and include training in:

  • • Ocean Safety & Surf Etiquette
  • • Surf Instruction & Technique
  • • Breathing Techniques & Arousal Regulation
  • • Balance & Agility
  • • Spatial Awareness
  • • Core Strength
  • • Stretching & Mobility


Skills Taught for Independence:
- Pedaling, Cruising, & Carving
- Stopping & Navigating the Path
- Board Awareness and Footwork
- Skill Progression-Based
All done on our groovy Madrid Longboards

• Location: Clover Park in Santa Monica

Sessions are 45-60 minutes

Cardio Counts!keyboard_arrow_down
Cardio Counts!close

Cardiovascular fitness is a key component to overall health and well being, and pairs well with our Gross Motor Fitness Program.
- 25-70 Pounds Added for Resistance!!!
- Posture & Core Stability
- Endurance & Weight management
- Steering, Pedaling & Navigating
- Choice making (routes)

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